What does Medisave do?

“Medisave is a national savings scheme which helps CPF members save for future medical expenses, especially after retirement.” – CPF.GOV.SG

What can you do with your Medisave account?

Use it at all public healthcare institutions, and approved private hospital and medical institution – Click here if you want to know which specific one

Benefits of Medisave?

  1. Use it for yourselves (of course) and for you family members
  2. For all medical issues
    • “The Medisave Withdrawal Limits are generally enough to pay for the charges incurred by a patient staying in a Class B2/C ward in a restructured hospital. If you decide to stay in a higher class ward or a private hospital, you may have to pay part of the bill in cash. It is therefore important to choose a ward or medical institution that you can afford. For a rough estimate on the …