There are a few blogs which I follow closely but there is only one which I have read every single post/article written – StockResearchAsia (KPO exaggerating…). They hardly post recommendation but if they do, it is almost a sure win. Their analysis is something which I can never do due to the time and effort required. Interestingly, they also suggested one to adopt a passive investing style which is to buy a low-cost ETF using dollar cost averaging method (similar to Warren Buffett). The main difference between them and the bank analysts’ recommendation/target price is stated in their disclaimer/important notice “We put money where our mouth is.“.

Let me give you a summary of the performance of its past recommendations and performance:

25/01/2016 – 2015- Our encouraging first year scorecard
The 6 recommendations made generated an average of 25.7% relative outperformance when compared against the indexes (STI/KLCI).

31/03/2016 – TSH …