The Remisier King is waving his Midas touch yet again. His earlier moves have so far been disappointing. The solar story was full of promise with supposedly guaranteed profits seems to be now just a castle in the sky situation. Next was the Iskander grand plan which seems to have wind down given the huge oversupply situation.

Currently, Rowsley operations are mainly in the hospitality business in UK, their architect business through RSP and their real estate development in Vantage Bay Healthcare City.

With the recent deal of injecting Thomson Medical and TMC Life Sciences, could it be the winning touch for a sustainable uptrend in the stock?

Let’s look at the numbers. Rowsley is going to purchase Mr Lim’s stake of Thomson Medical and TMC Life Sciences at 1.9 billion sgd dollars. The takeover of Thomson Medical in 2010 was at a price of 513 million dollars and …