Small caps, Mid caps, Large caps, Blue chips, Growth companies blah blah blah. As long as it’s listed, chances are it’d be discussed to the death somewhere.

But there are hardly any NO blog posts talking about private equity.


So let me be contrarian here. (Afterall, that’s the tagline of this blog right? Once in a while gotta be contrarian, even content also contrarian… LOL)

Aside from my holdings in public listed companies, I have a relatively modest portfolio of private equities. (For the uninitiated, PE = private companies that are not listed. They may be in the start up phase, may be in growth phase, may be mature companies etc. As long as they are unlisted, they are PE)

I haven’t previously written about the PE companies that I own because… well, I can’t say much actually. The share price of public listed companies are widely available, but …