From a financial perspective, should a single buy a one bedroom HDB apartment for $100,000 or a three bedroom HDB apartment for $500,000? 

The former seems less demanding financially. However, in the latter, he could rent out two bedrooms and that could conservatively net him around $15,000 a year. 

The apartment could generate $450,000 in 30 years and, in his golden years, his apartment is almost free of charge.

If we are the sociable type and do not mind dealing with tenants, then, buying the bigger apartment which has the option of income generation makes sense. 

For any income investor, having such a temperament is fortunate.

If we are not the sociable type and if we value privacy highly, the one bedroom apartment is probably sufficient unless we are an antique collector and need more room to house our collection.

If we are not prepared to rent out two bedrooms, then, we are not only …