I don’t talk much about investing of stocks because I know I am no guru. Particularly because I am no guru, this might just appeal to the 90% of the population who are looking to invest.
The organisers said I was the first they invited. I know why, it’s likely because I am a female. It’s not easy to find a woman blogger to talk about investing, I am a good example. I rather talk about finances, travel, insurance, food. Particularly food, it’s easier to blog about it and there are so much food out there to blog about, plus people love to search for food reviews.
Finances issues are not sexy.
I am particularly skeptical when people dish out ‘free’ advice online. I feel people always have something to sell or an ulterior motive, because I am from sales. That makes it even more difficult to convince others, even my family. Money issues are always touchy and sensitive, how many would search for …