In one word? Mind-blown.

Disclaimer: Dear reader, the post comprises of my personal thoughts and photos (which includes trademarks when possible) of the Investors Exchange 2017. Quick shoutout to Seedly (Singapore’s no. 1 personal finance tracking app) for kindly awarding me a ticket to the wonderful conference.

Ps: If you saw a lady furiously typing away at her handphone throughout the whole event, that was me. Behold – exclusive insights to the Investors Exchange:

First Speaker: Xeo Lye, Capital Gains Studio

Stepping into the auditorium fashionably late from an earlier morning event, I found that Xeo already had the 250-strong audience at the edge of their seats.

With his eloquent speech and colourful diagrams, I found his presentation a really detailed and insightful one, weaving macroeconomic factors  seamlessly into the fold of the investments availed globally. His tip: throw your JC econs out the window! …