In my previous post, I shared how I bought the book for free using a $7 promotion and Google Opinion Rewards credits. KPO never like reading books since young but this is the 2nd book I have finished reading (CZM judges me for not finishing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). The 1st book was Rich Dad Poor Dad and I am still reading The Intelligent Investor. 

There are 8 chapters in total:
1. An Overview of REITs
2. REITs Versus Other Yield Investments
3. Perception Versus Reality
4. Different Types of REITs
5. The Health of a REIT
6. How Much is a REIT Worth
7. Building a String REIT Portfolio
8. REITs in a Volatile Interest Rate Environment

The author, Bobby Jayaraman brought up something that resonated with me – investing in actual property vs REITs. A lot of my friends still prefer buying a second property (condominium) …