This post is meant to summarised what you need to know about CPF when you’re turning 55

  1. You have to choose the 3 levels of retirement sums that you want
    • Basic Retirement Sum (BRS)  – ($83k)
    • Full Retirement Sum (FRS) – ($166k)
    • Enhanced Retirement Sum (ERS) – ($$249k)
  2. After 65 you can choose from 3 CPF Life plans  // You can choose when you want to start the payouts
    • Standard plan
      • Pays you more today less for your kids in the future
    • Basic plan
      • Pays you less today more for your kids in the future
    • Escalating plan
      • The payout increases as you grow older while ur kids gets a smaller pay
  3. Healthcare
    • Your basic healthcare sum as of 2017 is $52k
  4. Interest Rate
    • Like mentioned previously in my other CPF post, you will have additional interest rate (1-2%) on all your accounts.


  1. Can I do lump-sum withdrawals?
    • Not unless …