The fact that I can write this at work goes to show the extent of the lull I’m going through this week. It’s nice to have the break because things are going to pick up next week again. Going with the flow and riding the highs & lows of work is essential to your career. Knowing when to rest and get ready for the pick-up helps to increase your longevity and reduce the likelihood of burnout.

Anyway, it’s time for a post about the numbers for July 2017. Been writing a few introspective posts lately and I’m done with the self-examining and self-observations for now. I want to see how we have progressed in the past month.

Cash, Investments and Net Worth

Cash funds has gone up by S$8,000 to S$445,029. Salary income contributed to almost all of the increase as our passive income was only S$750. The cash savings hasn’t increased …