Dear readers, there are six stocks on the Singapore Stocks Exchange, each of which are currently trading at:

1) more than 15% Return-on-Equity

2) has a Debt-to-Equity of less than 35% and

3) has a Dividends yield of more than 5%
Stocks which satisfy Criterion 1 above generally has a good growth rate. Criteria 2 has to do with ensuring that the companies are not highly leveraged while Criteria 3 will appeal to investors who like to receive good dividends as they hold their stocks.

So what are these stocks? Without further ado, the stocks are:

1) Silverlake Axis

2) Figtree Holdings

3) Singapore Kitchen Equipment

4) Tai Sin Electric

5) Hock Lian Seng

6) Ntegrator International

Definitely, the three criteria alone are not sufficient in coming to an investment decision but they would …