If you haven’t heard about it…ISOTeam is joining the bike-sharing craze.

ISOTeam jumps on bike-sharing bandwagon | The Edge Markets (read here)

My initial reaction seems to be that the move appears to be ‘de-worsification’. What has a firm specializing in the maintenance and upgrading of public housing estates got to do with bike-sharing?

My original reason as to why I invested in ISOTeam, is due to its boring and stable business (which is maintenance and upgrading of public housing estates). I hoped that the company can build upon its strength in providing a strong recurring income.

However, bike-sharing to me isn’t boring and stable. And I have no idea if such venture is profitable at all – I have no access to the balance sheets or income statements from the numerous bike sharing companies here or aboard.

Yes, these bike sharing start-up companies are a favorite among the …