Our portfolio grew by 3.32% to $258,487 – $6,741.41 of capital injection and around $1,564.59 of capital growth!


– Netlink Trust (6,000 units) @ $0.81

– KPO OKP Holdings (5,000 units) @ $0.375

July seems like a busy month with many companies providing their quarterly earnings update which means a fat dividend month :) We applied for 20,000 units for Netlink Trust IPO and was allocated 6,000 units. We were pretty excited since this is the first time we IPO successfully but it turns out to be a pretty boring one when it opened flat. You can read my analysis to see how much of its assets can be attributed to thin air – Just Another Netlink Trust IPO Analysis.

OKP is the company that has been appearing in your FB news feeds because of the PIE work site collapsed. Its share price has fallen by …