For those new to investing and looking for a way to grow your money while taking as little risk as possible, you can first consider either high-yield bank saving accounts (like UOB One, OCBC 365 or BOC SmartSaver), fixed deposits (FD) or government bonds (like the Singapore Savings Bonds).

For experienced investors, you aren’t the only one finding it tougher to find value buys in today’s market conditions. I’ve been sitting on a growing cash pile too, and there are lesser value stocks as compared to the same time in 2015 when China’s Black Monday happened. While waiting for the next bear market to come around, make your warchest count by parking it in fixed deposits to earn higher interest rates in the short-term.

The benefits of fixed deposits

–       They are capital-guaranteed. You won’t lose a single cent.

–       They offer guaranteed returns. You …