Last Sunday, I had a chance to speak at the Invest Fair, together with Brian (ForeverFinancialFreedom), Alison (Heartlandboy) and Kenny (MyStocksInvesting).Thank you everyone who came as I was surprised to see the place fully packed even though there was not many people at the fair that early in the morning.

I actually asked Mark (Editor at MoneySmart), our interviewer why people would listen to us since we are not millionaires or have any proven track record. He mentioned that that’s precisely why people would want to hear from bloggers, it’s because we are more relatable. We are just another normal person with normal careers and not millionaires and this shows that everyone can do it.

Investing is not a super risky business,  it’s not a superhero feat! 

I think we just skimmed through some topics because there was no time, but the main point is to encourage people to …