Part of QAF’s large decline in earnings should not come as a surprise since, one year ago, in 2Q 2016, QAF recorded an exceptional gain of $9.7 million from reducing its stake in Gardenia Malaysia (GBKL) to 50%.

If we were to exclude that exceptional gain, however, profit after tax still reduced by 58%, year on year. Not as bad as 72% but still rather attention grabbing.

Singapore and Malaysia

QAF’s share of profits in Malaysia is reduced because of its smaller stake in GBKL. However, the reduction is bigger this quarter compared to the last quarter.

It was revealed that QAF experienced issues in its Johor production plant. This affected sales volume not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore.

Otherwise, QAF would probably have done better in both countries. There were also some one off cost items due to problems at the said plant.


The bakery business in the Philippines is doing well but incurred higher marketing and distribution …