Just wondering if you have given any thoughts on when you will start your CPF LIFE payout? Do you mind blogging about it?

I have been building up my SRS savings. By the time I hit the Official Retirement age of 62 (for now), if I start withdrawing my SRS at 62 to 72, the annual sum will be equivalent to CPF LIFE.

Now the question is, should I start my CPF LIFE payout at 65 or delay till 72 to gain more interest and thus a slightly higher monthly payout?

According to the picture you posted on 17th July 2017, at FRS: age 65 = $1,380 mthly. At age 70 = $1,840.

What will you do? A bird in hand is better than a slightly bigger bird in the bush?

With CPF Life, it depends on whether I need the money. At 65, if I need the money, then, I will start drawing from the annuity…