After more than 17 years of following investors’ comments, postings, chats, and face to face talks with fellow retail investors; Uncle8888 has noted two common investing regrets among RETAIL investors.

(1) They sold their potential multi-baggers way too early for decent profits.

(2) They never sell their stocks at the high.

Most retail investors will eventually make either (1) or (2) or Both.

As Uncle8888 has done both i.e. (1) and (2) so he can feel which investing regret is the lesser evil over 20 to 30 years of market cycles as retail investors.

Which is the lesser evil?

(1) or (2)?

Once SOLD; it is GAME OVER! That is why selling is more difficult to master.  Who has the skills to sell that many stocks near the high?

If you know someone can consistently do that; then he or she is the champion retail investor like Joseph Schooling in swimming…