What would the future me say?

Dear reader,

Exactly one year ago, I wrote down a little message to my future 27 year-old self at a Central Provident Fund (CPF) roadshow:

Save Early For Retirement

One year later, I could only gape at the short, army-green note – trying to recollect exactly when and where I could have written such a poignant memo to myself.

You see, I’d been a busy accounting and business teacher over the past two years, and writing about managing finances for the long-run never had been part of the 2016/17 masterplan…planning finances for my wedding, honeymoon and future home had!

About three months ago, a series of fortunate events – from reading ‘The Brand Called You’ by Peter Montoya and stumbling across local finance education sites The New Savvy and Heartland Boy (built by my university’s alumni! 😀 ) inspired me to start writing about