We woke up around 7+am today.
My wife wanted to drop by the NATAS Fair at Suntec to collect freebies.
It’s a hobby of hers. So I tend to oblige. We’ve got nothing to do anyway.
We left the house around 830am and went to park at Suntec City. That’s where the fair is at.
Breakfast was at Coffee & Toast at Millennia Walk. It was under $9.

After breakfast she was like, let’s get started.
So at around 10am, we wandered around the Taiwan booths which was situated outside the fair. We are going to Taiwan soon so might as well get some brochures and collect some freebies. Not all the booths were open already so we took our time with the folks who were ready to entertain us. We slowly covered almost all the booths collecting brochures and freebies. We probably missed a few cos we didn’t really keep track. This took around 2 …