Life without the internet seems impossible for today. With the advancement in technology, more than 90% of households have an internet connection at home.

Yet, most Singaporeans researching well into it despite our reliance on getting connected. Much like our previous article on Singapore’s best mobile plan, Singaporeans may not be on the cheapest fibre broadband plans costing them money each year.

Key Takeaways: Best plans for different Lifestyles

For 12 Months Contract: WhizComms – Fibre broadband plan with 12 months contract is only available at Singtel and WhizComms, and in this case, WhizComms provides the cheapest service at $36 per month.

According to surveys and gathered feedback, more than 50% of Singaporeans prefer 1Gbps home broadband solutions. This is why we see the highest number of competition in the 1Gbps broadband space.

For 24 Months Contract: WhizComms/ViewQwest – For a 1Gbps, 24 Months Broadband plan, WhizComms turns out to be the …