You see many people everyday carrying branded stuff.
Prada, LV, Burberry, Gucci, etc. It’s pretty regular in Singapore.
However, this sight is not as normal in other countries.
In European countries and USA, Singaporeans would happily spend loads of their cash to get the “cheaper” branded products when they travel there.

I spoke with a Singaporean who is working in New York on a local package. This means that this person is not an expat and is paid the same as though they had hired a local.
She shared her experience that, after taxes, rent, food, transport, there isn’t very much left saved. Then she sends her money back to Singapore for her parents. So there’s not much left for her own discretionary spending. Her example she gave me was, “can you imagine, you work for 6 months or so, then you splurge all you have saved on a bag? The people over here don’t …