After my post on “which stage of your life are you at”… I received the following in the comments section. I thought it would benefit more if I share it as a blog post, especially from someone who has taken the time and effort to write to me. 

Hello Mr IPO, 

I recently became a fan of your blog. I am 55 and still working (civil servant). Planning to retire at 60/62 if I can keep my sanity till then:-) 

You mentioned that you have been traveling annually… well taking time off to recharge is how I keep my sanity till now … 🤣

I hardly traded nor invested since I started working at the age of 20. My savings are all from my salaried income. I am frugal but I have been travelling yearly.  
I must say you had been a great saver! 👍🏻 It was pity that …