My friend Elvin Hayden Liang is looking for 5 investors for his workshop.

When we were organizing Investors Exchange 2017 not too long ago, Elvin covered a topic that I find, is very unique, potentially useful for active investors, which is the art of scuttlebutt.

If you are prospecting business, any edge you can gain to find out some realization that you cannot achieve from Google, financial statements, annual reports, analyst reports, it could mean losing 70% versus making 200%.

This is especially important in the Singapore small caps space we prowl in.

Elvin have been managing funds for private investors and he comes from a unique background. He started as an accountant, then became a sales representative for a bank, before becoming a remiser. If you are in the investing circle, you would know that he comes across favoring technical analysis.

And that is what I thought is about.