Dear reader,

Sometimes the world of investments can be quite overwhelming.

(This is me just trying to figure out our CPF, for instance.)

With the plethora of financial instruments availed to us at the click of a button these days –

Singapore Savings Bonds! IPOs! Crypto! Equities! CFDs! Options! Property! REITs!

And if you have extra cash…wealth management banking services! Accredited Investor privileged access! (which comes with its own set of eyebrow-raising risk/reward ratios)

It can be difficult to sieve through the intricacies of each asset class, filtering out the diamonds in the rough (assuming you find any), before you plunge your hard-earned cash into any investment, right?

This fully explains why most of my peers tend to lock-up their funds in a good fixed deposit or corporate bonds.

More adventurous ones would dip their toes in high-yield dividend REITs or blue-chip stocks, maybe set aside some spare …