Everyone’s talking about how a former AXA Life Insurance agent, RameshKrishnan, has been awarded $4 million in damages. High Court Judicial Commissioner George awarded this based on the establishment package offered by Prudential:

  •        A commencement allowance of $675,000 +
  •       An initial monthly salary of $65,625 +
  •        A salary of $43,750 for the next 12 months.

In other words, we can look at this as a $4 million annual paycheck that was given out.

Many had a lot to say about the absurdly high pay.

Credits: The Straits Times Singapore Facebook page

The key question I had after reading the news article was:

Was the agents’ focus on regular premium policies self-motivated?

“The Ramesh Organisation had focused predominantly on regular premium policies instead of single premium policies since the beginning of 2010.

(Regular premium policies are those for which …