Ok, I don’t mean total ignorance. Rather, selected ignorance. 
I read a lot of news and all that and I think it’s necessary to know what’s happening around the world. 

The ignorance I’m talking about is, the ignorance of the wealth, or material wealth of the people around you.
Someone around me bought a Rolex sometime back. The friends were like, “Oh wow, wow, I’ve always wanted a Submariner, etc etc.”
One of the friends asked me, “Hey do you know XYZ bought a Rolex, wow, don’t you feel like getting one too?”
​No… not really. I don’t really desire one, I mean, it someone is nice enough to give me that as a present I’ll be really happy. But no. I have no intention of buying one. I ended up walking around with that friend looking at shops selling Rolex-es, seeing if there was any good deal with him. Eventually he didn’t buy any.