Dear readers, there are currently seven stocks which offer more than 10% dividends yields. Without further ado, let us look at the names of these stocks and the dividends yield they offer:

1) Broadway Industrial Group Limited 65.38%

2) Global Testing Corporation Limited 18.06%

3) Hi-P International Limited 14.04%

4) Falcon Energy Group Limited 13.83%

5) Karin Technology Holdings Limited 12.18%

6) K1 Ventures Limited 11.18%

7) Pan Hong Holdings Group Limited 10.01%

One thing to note though is to check whether any of these stocks pay a special one-off dividends as no doubt the above figures were churned out using a stock screener. And also to include other important criteria along with dividends yields when choosing the stocks for your investment. Having a base criterion to select stocks is common among investors. What is your first base criteria for stocks selection? ROE? …