As requested by Sy in my previous post, here are the steps I took to claim my SkillsFuture Credit.

Depending on who your course provider is and how they handle claims (either you pay first and they reimburse you later or the government pays the training provider directly), your experience in claiming the SkillsFuture Credit may vary. In my case, the prevailing arrangement is that the government pays the training provider directly.

For my course, there is both a tuition fee component as well as an “other fees” component. It is explicitly stated by my training provider that the SkillsFuture Credit could only be used to pay for the tuition fee component. I would have to settle payment for the “other fees” component on my own (Fortunately, I am able to use my PSEA to offset the “other fees” component).

First, I had to use my training provider’s e-payment …