After getting the result announcement from Croesus Retail Trust this morning , all the company I have vested has announced their quarterly result respectively. Is time for me to update my Dividend & Interest income which I will be receiving in 3rd Qtr 2017.

Total Dividend & Interest Income ( 3rd Qtr 2017 ) = $46,539.36

YTD 2017 Dividend & Interest Income = $146,097.02

The total income receive for this quarter will be much lesser as compared to 2nd Qtr mainly due to absence of biannual dividend income from Accordia G Trust ( around $9K) and Interest income from short term corporate bond(around  $5K) which only be received in 2nd and 4th Qtr respectively.

Please find the detail as below :

Most of the REITs and Blue Chips stocks are paying lesser dividend as compared same Qtr last year but since I will have excess fund after minus out all the expenses , which I will re-invest into share …