Something about this saga didn’t add up to me.

This week, the Straits Times published a story of an insurance agent who won his appeal against a former employer who cost him 2 subsequent job applications.

Mr Ramesh Krishnan was an insurance adviser with AXA. He tendered his resignation and approached Prudential and Tokio Marine to join them.

Both applications didn’t work out and he decided in 2012 to file a defamation suit against AXA, on the grounds that their failure to meet the standard of care for Mr Krishnan cost him his job at Prudential and Tokio Marine.

He was looking for $63 mil in largely what would be future compensation.

The 2012 defamation suit was a failure and he decided to appeal.

In this week’s news, the court awarded him $4 mil, far lower than the $63 mil he was looking for.

Lawsuits like this happen quite frequently, …