ComfortDelGro in talks with Uber over possible alliance?

CDG has announced earlier today that it has signed a letter with Uber Technologies for an “exclusive discussions” on a possible “strategic alliance

Despite ‘taxi booking’ has been made available through Uber/Grab’s platform some time ago, it is important to also note that most rider uses Uber/Grab’s private-hire rather than CDG’s taxi as it is a cheaper alternative. The promotion given to rider could easily allow rider to travel between short distances for free or maybe as cheap as $1.

As mention previously in the post regarding CDG’s FY2017 Q2 report, taxis has been a very significant contributor to ComfortDelGro’s business and revenue for taxi business has dropped by 10.7%.

With the possible collaboration between CDG and Uber, CDG is able to leverage Uber’s platform by making Comfort’s taxi available through the Uber app. This measure taken by CDG to collaborate with Uber will be …