Let me start by saying that this is not a sponsored post but from our experience.

It was just another typical day at work (2 weeks back) when I suddenly received an email from Michele Ferrario inviting us out for a lunch/coffee. Turns out he has read both of my articles on StashAway and wanted to discuss further. He was very sincere and even offered to travel near our workplace to make things easier for us. CZM and I were laughing at the email when he addressed CZM as “Zui Mao”. lol. The thoughts of meeting him were quite daunting (we are just some random bloggers in the lowest level of the corporate ladder who have not even met our own CEO in person) but we still agreed to it.

These are the 2 articles:
– Introduction to StashAway – Robo-Advisor/Automated Investing
– Who has the lowest fees? StashAway vs Smartly vs AutoWealth

After some emails