Disclosure: The following post is inspired from the recently published book: ‘Why You Should Fail – Practical Wisdom from Twenty-Three of Singapore’s Top Entrepreneurs’, co-authored by Grace Lin and Vincent Ng (2017).

Full Disclosure: I’ve known Grace since meeting her in SMU and also contributed to this publication by introducing 1 of the 23 featured bosses from the local scene to her. When the book launched, no questions were asked. I reached for my credit card and went all:

Take my money!

Here’s the book! As you can see, it’s already beginning to show signs of wear and tear from my keen perusing of the copy 😀

It’s an easy read and tackles quite an unorthodox topic given Singapore’s kiasi (extreme risk avoidance) and kiasu (fear of losing) culture – how often do you hear of anyone on the island embracing or championing failure?

The book shares the more poignant failures …