A couple of years ago, an Army friend asked me:

Index investing sounds great and all, but when you buy the index, you’re just settling for average returns. Why would you settle for average when you can get above-average returns by picking stocks?

On the surface, that seems to make sense. Why would you settle for a boring 5-7% return when you can get 10-12% through value investing / forex trading / tactical asset allocation?

Getting a great return is awesome. But how important are they to your overall wealth?

Let’s Math This Problem Out

When I was in Primary 4, I fell asleep during my math test and failed it. My teacher scribbled “Lionel is not interested in math” and made me take it to my parents and sign it.

To prove my Primary 4 teacher wrong (and because there’s nothing more motivating than my childhood insecurities), I’m …