I don’t really like taking photographs.
As in, I don’t like being in them. I don’t really mind being the one snapping them though.

You see, when I was young, I didn’t like being in photos, you know, those picture perfect poses, and smiles, etc. and last time, we needed to take nice shots cos it wasn’t digital. So each pose needed to be done well. One shot, that’s all we usually got.

My mum kept telling me. Just take the pictures. Please.
I never understood why.
She would say, in her youth, she never had the chance to take pictures and she didn’t have very many memories of her youth. Cameras weren’t very common so it’s not like they even had the opportunity.
And as I young kid, I didn’t really bother.

But as I get older… I understand what she used to say. I look back at my old pictures ever once in awhile and …