Time flies , It has been more than a year after my first published of STE Smart Beta concept and bench-marking against STI Index.

FYI , I have started my STE Smart Beta on 28th Aug 2016 with capital of $100K with equal weighted investing in 14 stocks which fall under the criteria of PE<10 or Dividend Yield >5%.

You may find the detail in this link (here ).

Now , let’s look at the result of STE Smart Beta vs STI Index from 28th Aug 2016 till 25th Aug 2017 :

It seems that STE Smart Beta has out-performed the STI Index by 5.7% exclude dividend. YZJ Shipping clearly out-performed others with outstanding returned of 103% and follow by GLP (75%) , DBS (35%) , UOB (31%) and OCBC (27%).

Banking stocks have shown good returns in 2017 till …