On the back of MLT’s acquisition of Tsing Yi warehouse in Hong Kong, I thought I’d do a comprehensive “How to” on understanding the announcement they put out and what it means for investors.

I will point out the implications of certain portions for investors and briefly explain how the Tsing Yi acquisition affects them. The document will be screen-shot to make it easy for us to get through it.

MLT’s acquisition announcement consisted of 23 pages. Let’s start with page 1.

In this acquisition, MLT the manager is making the announcement.

HDBS Institution Trust Services (Singapore), the “Trustee” is entering into the share purchase agreement with Mapletree Overseas Holdings (“MOHL”) for this Tsing Yi deal.

A short description of the property containing information on the address, number of storeys, years of lease left, floor area and other technical information is provided.

The ownership structure is as follows

Mapletree …