This is a continuation of my previous post on Specialist Diplomas (see here).

Course Content (continuation)
Normally, lectures and tutorials are conducted in the same session. The lectures will be conducted in the first half, followed by the tutorials (or labs) in the second half.

Besides learning in class, the lecturers also provide additional materials for out-of-class-learning/e-learning. This is more for self-interest though. Despite being a nerd, I don’t touch these materials. What? No time lah! Holding a full-time job and studying the main syllabus already saps up my time considerably.

Generally, there are no final exams. You may now breathe a sigh of relief.

However, there are quite a few assessment components. Normally, you have a mid-term test and an end-of-module test, with the end-of-module test comprising a larger percentage of your module grades. In addition, there will be group project work and some individual assignments to complete as well.

Let me digress …