I found this in the forums when I was having trouble hitting my minimum spending on my UOB credit card. Cos I was researching what do people use their credit cards on.

Apparently, there are a bunch of people who totally take advantage of the system.
I’m not really saying that it’s wrong. It’s pretty ingenious, but it takes some effort but I don’t really do it.

Sometime back, the Standard Charted Manhattan card gives a 5% cashback for spending $3000 in a month, to a max of $200 cashback per quarter. Some folks go down to SP Services in whack a full $3000 prepayment for their utility bill. Which is pretty smart, considering that the bill eventually needs to be paid, and they get a 5% discount off their utility bill. The thing is, I don’t think that SP Services pay Standard Chartered a lot of processing fees. So the bank probably …