Mrs and I really needed a break to pamper ourselves after a hectic period at work. No better option than getting a good dose of vitamin sea and a pool villa all to ourselves.

First things first – my Travel category posts don’t always talk about stuff like best-value-for-money way to do something or check-out-my-ultra-low-budget-trip to some place. I mean, just because I blog about finance-related topics doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in experiences that costs a bit more.

Business class flights. Helicopter rides. Maldives resorts. Suites class flights in the near future? All I want to say is that, learn to strike a balance, yes?

To be honest, travel is probably the only hobby I have. Besides collecting stocks, ETFs and dividends, I also like to collect experiences. 🙂

Cheap Pool Villas : There Exists Such A Thing?

Cheap and quality pool villas are not that easy to come …