I wonder what you will do if you were me- can you talk to yourself?

I finally sold my maisonette for >$1mil, as it almost hit 30 years old. I had paid up my HDB loan a few years ago, so have this full amount available in cash and CPF.

I have a family of 5 including 2 teenagers and a helper, so am looking for a place to buy.

Although $1mil may sound like a lot, there is hardly any property to buy if I rule out HDB options. My husband and I are in our mid 40s, and our income do not qualify us for BTO nor ECs. Newer resale HDBs may not be the option due to same issue of lease decay and no certainty of SERS…

If I look in the condo space:

– newer 99-year lease condo of at least 1200 sq …