This month we began to feel the effect of ‘sell in may’ effect. Well, it kinda come late this year. My portfolio start to take some hit this month. However Aug is a bountiful month when quite a few companies gave out their dividends. Get to collect from a handful of them. I also took advantage of the fall in price of ComfortDelgro and bought in some just before the announcement of their alliance with Uber :)

STI vs my portfolio

My portfolio is FINALLY positive after so many months :)

Period STI My Portfolio (Realised) Verdict
Jan 2017 -11.56% -2.01% I win

Feb 2017 -6.63% 1.70% I win

Mar 2017 -3.92% 3.93% I win

Apr 2017 -3.61% 4.00% I win

May 2017 -1.81% 3.90% I win

Jun 2017 -1.51% 5.77% I win

Jul 2017 0.00% 6….