Not everything that goes up is good especially when it comes to one’s weight. KPO has been putting on more and more weight ever since he started working. He hardly exercises apart from the “force” IPT sessions which he surrenders signs up for because he cannot pass his IPPT. lol.

Let’s take a look at my fundamentals:
Weight – 83.5 kg
Height – 173 cm

At one glance, we know this is a lousy stock unhealthy man, not sure why CZM continues to invest in KPO. To make sense of the above numbers, we shall make use of BMI (Body Mass Index). The formula is to divide the weight in kilograms (kg) by the height in metres (m) then divide the answer by the height (m) again to get the BMI.

You can find out more here – Health Promotion Board: What is a Healthy Weight? I quote “BMI measures the relationship between your weight …