My wife dropped her phone during the NATAS fair.
The screen cracked and she has been having trouble typing, cos some of the areas on the screen now does not sense the finger. So we decided to drop by the COMEX fairover the weekend.

Ok long story short, we eventually went to the XiaoMi shop at Suntec city rather than the COMEX fair as the XiaoMi shop was offering the same promotions. So she shortlisted the model which she wanted to buy, which is the same model as what I’m using. XiaoMi 4X. Retail price, $219.

So we went out of the XiaoMi shop without buying, thinking, hmm… could we get a better deal?
She always believes to buy online as it’s usually cheaper. So she goes on Lazada, and applies the Citibank discount code. We used the Citibank card, cos there was a discount of 8%. Woah, it’s now $201. AND she gets …