I wrote about my regular monthly expenses previously.
Where I concluded that our monthly expenses is around $3115.
This is just an estimate. I don’t track my expenses extremely closely.

I started thinking a bit differently recently about my monthly expense.
You see, my stand up vacuum cleaner, you know those battery charged ones, well, it’s getting a bit old and the battery is quite messed up. Don’t buy Electrolux stand up vacuum cleaners. After the first year, the battery charge becomes bad, so each charge doesn’t last as long as it used to.

Anyway, it’s quite troublesome to use now cos the battery doesn’t last long enough to run around the whole house, so I was considering getting a new one. I’ve been using this vacuum for 2 years already and I bought it for $169 or around that amount. As I was thinking about buying a new one, I thought… hey… how much …