Whenever I’m overseas, I look around and think… What if I was born here?
Oh how different things would be.
And the thing is, I would never know any better.
Cos I was born in Singapore, I take for granted the benefits that comes along by being a Singapore citizen.

I’ll give some simulations.
Let’s say I was born in Malaysia.
Firstly, I would take for granted the safety in Malaysia. Just by being born in Malaysia, I would think that such levels of safety was normal. I would think that the political system was normal.
I would likely go to school, study, I would likely learn Malay and Mandarin. English would not be my first language.
I would probably be working in an average paying job, Malaysia is not a financial hub and I would likely not go towards the financial industry, there would be low chances of my current lifestyle. Life might be more simple though,