the title could be rather unbelieveable for most. it was for me too.

just last week, i received an sms from my university nus professor’s PA asking me for a job to work at my company.

is it another person with the same name? i  thought about it and i did some checks. no, its him.

i thought about it for a while. yes, true that i need help in my company.

but i declined after second thoughts.

1) at 60 plus years old, surely he must have made enough as a professor. professors in nus must at least earn 300kpa. strange thing. may be poor investment wipe out all his savings? i don’t know.

2) job scope of what he is currently doing doesn’t fit mine, though he credentially he is much much more than qualified.

3) if he makes mistakes, can i tell him off?

so to avoid …