This article was written by Soh Thiam Hing, an avid contributor in the Seedly Personal Finance Community Group

Being a young 21-year old 12 years back, I first dabbled in investing in order to satisfy my curiosity at that time, which eventually turned out to be quite an important decision in “adulting”. After all, not many people invest now, by virtue of 3 out of 20 Singaporeans having a CDP account (even lesser for “active” accounts!), and there were definitely lesser CDP accounts back in 2005 when I first opened mine.

Along my investment journey, I enjoyed the benefit of a small inheritance, saw the euphoria of 2007, experienced the crash of 2008 and 2009 and got enlightened by the recovery of the stock market from 2010 onwards. The stock market never forgives, but it does forget from time to time, and I believe it’s an opportune time for me