I’m sure most of us take water for granted. Just turn on the tap and water flows.
We use it for washing, drinking, washing, washing…. Mainly washing.

So I was thinking, how much water do we really use?
The answer seems very simple. 5.4 cubic meters. That’s the number on my utilities bill.
But what is 5.4 cbm?
Ok, that’s 5400 liters of water, or 10800, 500ml bottles.
500ml is the PET bottle that we usually drink from.

Divide by 30 means the number will be 180 liters per day!!!
If we drink 10 liters of water a day at home, this leaves 170 liters for other activities!!!

If we look at olden days and we had to carry water from the well using pails, we would need around 18 pails of water for 1 days use. Imagine having to transport 180 kg worth of water everyday! I think most people would, instead, use less water and transport less …